We Are Here #1

Hi there, here’s my first official entry for “WE Are Here”, the P2P blog that will focus on our collective power to tackle poverty and ensure prosperity in Windsor-Essex. I want to highlight the people, issues, and ideas that are inspiring local action.  I also want to explore ideas for lifting up, and creating links between, the emerging pockets of change that are so vital to improving our collective wellbeing.

This week I attended Policy Link’s (www.policylink.org) Equity Summit (www.policylink.org/Summit) in Detroit. Here’s a short video with my initial thoughts on a few of the Summit’s key themes and how these tie in to the work we’re doing locally.

I’d love to hear from you if there are local people, issues, or ideas you think I should know about.


Adam Vasey

Director Pathway to Potential


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